Summer in JAPAN 2023 Summary

Special Events

ーThe 5th Outreach Educational Program “SWIM” (Summer Workshop for Immersive Multiculturalism)


Special Events

The 5th Outreach Educational Program “SWIM” (Summer Workshop for Immersive Multiculturalism)
Free English lesson with Sumire Hirotsuru in Oita City, Japan

In just 2 days and 3.5 hours, even children with no prior English experience achieved remarkable feats – crafting fantastic English essays and delivering impressive speeches! The final presentations were a testament to their confidence and poise. Bravo!

Date: Day 1-July 15th, 2023   Day 2-August 6th, 2023

Place: J:COM HorutoHall Oita

Participants: Selected elementary and junior high school students from Oita City (by lottery)

Content: Crafting English essays and speeches from scratch

  • Essay guidance (from self-introductions for beginners to various styles for intermediate learners)
  • Speech coaching (hook/content/ethos pathos logos/voice/conclusion)
  • Building confidence, adopting a proactive presenting attitude, and wearing a smile
  • Sumire Hirotsuru’s presentation titled “Let’s Spread Our Wings To The World” followed by Q&A

Instructors: Sumire Hirotsuru, Mari Hirotsuru, university students learning in Japan from various countries, and more

Organizers: Oita City International City Exchange and Friendship Conference / Oita City (Secretariat: Oita City International Division)

Co-organized by: General Incorporated Association Summer in JAPAN