Summer in JAPAN 2017 サマリー



Summer in JAPAN OKAYAMA~4日間の英語ワークショップ(岡山市)


Touch and Feel Japan



Cultural Exchange 〜ハーバード生によるプレゼンテーション
国東 × Harvard〜国東から世界へ!

Summer in JAPAN 2017

SIJ講師陣 (2017年)

ハーバード大学 7名
スタンフォード大学 2名
テキサス大学オースティン校 1名

夏期英語集中セミナー August 2 – 8 大分市

I learned different types of writing every day, and now I can use them properly for different purposes. Thanks to the teachers who taught me kindly and gave me good advice, I learned many things.

In the public speaking class, we used TED talks. We also learned how to warm up before a presentation. Eric and Jeff observed each student individually and gave each of us good advice. We are so lucky to have had them as our instructors. We had a lot of time to discuss things together, which deepened our understanding.

Through analysing reports and speeches, I learned how to grab people’s attention and how to structure my ideas. Therefore, I will be able to make the most of this knowledge in my future discussions

I was able to perform dance and theater with a confidence I have never had before. At first, I felt it was challenging not only to speak in English, but also to express myself with gestures. Eventually, through practice, my confidence grew a lot. From now on, I will take advantage of this experience and will express myself in public.

In the computer science class we learned about programming. The most interesting thing for me was making games with my new friends. The most challenging part was making the characters and backgrounds in my game move, but the instructors were very friendly and helped us overcome these challenges.

Summer in JAPAN OKAYAMA; 4日間の英語ワークショップ(岡山市) July 26 – 29

Our Panda class students wrote and presented their own original stories using speaking techniques, such as hand gestures, volume, and tone. They improved so much over the four days, and their presentations were amazing.

Our Musical Performance students wrote three wonderful plays based on fairy tales, and learned the words and dance moves to the “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid. It was great to see all of our students grow more confident and watch them work together as a group. We are so proud of them and all their hard work over this week!

Our students worked in groups to design computer games. All seven groups made phenomenal games, which they finished in only one day! They also wrote their own speeches to explain their games, making their presentations twice as impressive. We could not be more proud of our students and can’t wait to see what else they can do with CS!

Touch and Feel Japan July 30 – 31, August 9 – 11