Opening Messages

Mayor of Oita City: Kiichiro Sato

Opening Speech Summer in JAPAN 2022

Hello everyone, welcome to Summer in Japan 2022!

My name is Kiichiro Sato,  the mayor of Oita city. To the participants from all over the country and around the world, as well as the students and graduates of Harvard University, I sincerely welcome you all to Oita city.

I would like to offer my heartfelt congratulations on the 10th anniversary of Summer in JAPAN. Please allow me to express my utmost respect to president Hirotsuru and the staff of Summer in JAPAN for coordinating with Harvard University and other colleges abroad for holding various international exchange programs, as well as fostering global-minded talents.

Regrettably, students are greatly affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. School activities and student study abroad programs were disrupted and consequently, the opportunity to create school memories and to receive education overseas are taken away from them.

However, the students and graduates of Harvard University are finally able to come to Japan. I have been informed that it has been 3 years since the last time we had in-person guests for this program. Summer in JAPAN is a wonderful program that offers invaluable experiences to our children by giving them the opportunity to interact with foreign college students.

Therefore, participants, please take this chance to use your English language skills to interact proactively with college students to develop a global mindset and broaden your horizon by challenging yourselves. I hope this will be your first step toward becoming a global citizen. 

So the students and graduates of Harvard University please foster knowledge by sharing your international experiences and perspectives with our students. We’d be very grateful if you could kindly share your experience in Oita such as our bountiful nature, food, culture, and history with the world.

Lastly, I wish everyone good health and a fulfilling Summer in JAPAN 2022. Thank you very much!

Opening Speech Summer in JAPAN 2021

Hello everyone. My name is Sato Kiichiro, mayor of Oita city.

I am pleased to greet all of you who are participating in this online version of the 9th Summer in JAPAN 2021, from all over the country and the world.

Beginning with President Hirotsuru, I offer my sincere appreciation to all the individuals who are involved in and worked for this program. This program is extremely valuable in that it aims to foster global human resources for the future through exposure to a variety of international exchange experiences with the cooperation of international students, such as Harvard University students.

Due to the spread of COVID-19, we are facing many challenges. A large number of events were forced to be cancelled or held on a smaller scale. It is also leaving big impacts on many school events and the international exchanges, which takes away your opportunities to make a precious memory of school days or to study abroad for your self improvement. Under these circumstances, to have exchange activities online like this event should offer a new style of the international exchanges and great opportunities.

For those who are participating in this event as students, please remember to have curiosity, develop global awareness to deepen your understanding of the world, acquire communication skills and flexible thinking through this program. I hope this will be the first step for you to become a global citizen.

And for university students who are serving as instructors, I hope that you will actively share not only your knowledge and experience, but also your global perspectives and viewpoints.

I am sorry you could not actually come to our Oita City this time, but when this COVID-19 crisis is over, please come visit Oita City, enjoy our local food, history, culture and full of  nature.

Lastly, allow me to end my speech with the wishes for a successful and fruitful Summer in  JAPAN 2021. Thank you very much.