Private: 日米大学生による英語ディスカッション “白熱メディカル教室”


10 Harvard College students and 16 Japanese college students as well as 6 medical professionals meet in Iizuka, Kyushu Island, Japan. Through heated discussion (Aug 11) and awesome hospital tour (Aug 12), the students as well as participating observers think about global future health care best for everyone. You do not need technical knowledge for medicine. You will be one of the leaders of the future health care in the world!

Date: Aug. 11th and 12th, 2014
Location: Nogami President Hotel, Aso Iizuka Hospital
Sponsored by Aso Group
Hosted by Summer in JAPAN

[Opening Message]
Yutaka Aso, Chairman, Aso Group
Iwao Aso, President, Aso Corporation
Akihide Masumoto, President, Aso Iizuka Hospital

[Group discussion]
Preventive Healthcare
Discuss the importance and role of preventive healthcare in the changing disease structure of modern society. We will not only discuss the relationship between health workers and patients but also consider effects on society as a whole.

Terminal Care
Discuss the current status of healthcare for terminally ill patients. We will discuss dilemmas within terminal care and the roles that health workers and society should play.

Aging Population
Aging population is a hot issue in many developed countries such as Japan. We will discuss the specific problems related to this issue and possible solutions for them.

Legal Issues
Discuss the pros and cons of the involvement of lawsuits in healthcare. We would like to discuss possible solutions that could efficiently mitigate the adverse effects of such involvement.

[Main discussion]
Universal Healthcare System
Based on the results of the group discussions, we will discuss the universal healthcare system. Considering interactions not just between health professionals and patients but also our larger society, we would like to design a healthcare system in which everyone works together to improve the state of public health.

[Special Lecture] “Managing Healthcare” Yuji Yamamoto

[Hospital Tour] Iizuka Hospital