Location: Oita, Japan

The key to globalization and the future of this country is your flexibility to accept differences and diversity. This program not only brings cutting-edge education system to local communities in Oita, Japan but also provides opportunities for visitors from overseas to explore Japan and communicate with its people.



Nestled among many places of scenic beauty, Oita has had a long history of adopting Western culture. SIJ extends a warm welcome to university students from all over the world to enjoy the nature, culture, traditions and cuisine of Oita.

Please see the movie below:

In addition, universities in Oita welcome many international students who are really good at languages – they use English and learn Japanese on top of their mother tongue. During SIJ, energetic Japanese college students, international students from all over the world, and Team USA consisted of mainly Harvard students get together to show their leadership, in encouraging and teaching students aged 7 to 18 from inside and outside of Japan.