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About SIJ

In the year 20XX, as the Earth faces mounting challenges, a new generation emerges, poised to confront these trials head-on. Yet, they cannot embark on this journey unprepared. To ready themselves, they must be properly equipped with open minds, kind hearts, and expert knowledge.

Before their journey, children from all over the world gather at a renowned location called SIJ where esteemed instructors await to share their knowledge and experience. Their minds and spirits will be forged in the fires of passion for learning, unlocking their hidden potential and talents.  Within SIJ’s tradition of collaboration, these aspiring youths will come together in acceptance and respect to exchange ideas, discover new knowledge, and build lasting friendships. It is here that authors of tomorrow are shaped, equipped to overcome threats to humanity, and usher in a brighter future.

SIJ overview
Established: Since 2011
Location: Oita, Japan
Primary Language: English
Instructors: Young, talented individuals from exciting universities around the world
Scholars: Aspiring children who want to shape their future
Founder: Mari Hirotsuru (Dirigo Ltd., Arbores Ltd.)  Dirigo website
Cofounder: Sumire Hirotsuru (Harvard ‘16 Julliard ‘18)  Sumire’s website

Mission: Give love and support

Our belief at SIJ is that we are part of the same family, and family means providing unconditional love and support. Our goal is to create an environment that enables young people to grow and seek their potential.

3 Goals

  1. Lifelong Learning: Life is a continual journey of learning and growth, and we should maintain a mindset of creativity, discovery and new experience.
  2. Personal Fulfillment: Feeling that what we do with our lives has meaning is vital to our self-esteem, happiness and well-being.
  3. Contribution to Humanity: We should leave the Earth as a better place than how we found it by having a positive impact on society throughout our lives.

SIJ motto:

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
– Alan Kay


Summer in JAPAN 2024

 The 11th Summer in JAPAN Concert

– Sumire Hirotsuru and Her Friends –


August 5, Monday, 2024

Sumire Hirotsuru, violin
Akane Yoshida, Piano
See Chung Yi, Erhu




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