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Summer opportunities for world changers!
Non-profit educational organization Summer in JAPAN (SIJ) has been offering exciting summer opportunities for youth living in Japan and overseas since 2013.
SIJ’s main program is an annual education camp called “Summer in JAPAN” held in Oita, Japan, which serves a dual purpose:

(i) University students from all over the world show the true value of “leadership” and “participation” to Japanese youth from elementary school to university, by teaching them the logical structure and basic academic expressions in writing and presentation as well as various liberal arts subjects in English.

(ii) University students from overseas experience exciting “not in the guidebook” opportunities to discover Japan. SIJ provides international flights, accomodation, meals and a variety of cultural activities for university students from overseas.

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    Summer in JAPAN 2017

    Summer in JAPAN 2017 was a success.
    Thank you for all your contributions and support.