What is “Summer in JAPAN”?



“Nurturing the youth who decide the future of this century.”

We live in an era in which people flow, markets become borderless and both reality and virtuality see only slight difference. SIJ plays a role in instilling the youth aged from 7 to 18 with the required mindset and skills for success in the long term, so that they, too, might live a sustainable, enriching life for years to come. SIJ also supports SIJ alumni to actively engage in activities of their own specialization and interest, according to SIJ’s vision, as leaders within their residence and worldwide. The program received the Fifth Career Education award from the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan (METI).

Three Main Tasks

1 Short-term goal

By fostering international cultural exchanges between Japan, characterized as a homogeneous, closed-minded and ancient country and America, characterized as a heterogeneous, open-minded and young country, we will implement exchange programs that benefit both parties.

Our organization has been operating the Summer in JAPAN (SIJ) program in collaboration with students from Harvard University since 2012. In the next five years from 2020 to 2024, we aim to extend our summer school model within Japan, in part to improve the strength of adaptable social skills, which suffer in the Japanese high-context culture. During our program, we expect that young Japanese will enhance not only their English skills but also their intercultural social skills. Moreover, SIJ aims to not only enhance practical skills in English such as critical thinking and essay building, but also to encourage people outside of Japan awareness of and interest in Japan, particularly in the fields of education and business.

2 Mid-term goal

By 2030, we aim to have contributed to a rising generation of global leaders under 30 years of age.

By 2030, in order to achieve the Education target 4.7 proposed by the UN in the published Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”), we aim to promote sustainable development of education, lifestyle, global citizenship and understanding of cultural diversity. Through cooperation with local prefectures in Japan and regions across the globe, we aim to execute intensive education programming that help learners to acquire necessary information, knowledge and skills.

SIJ is well-known for its proactive and interactive English teaching methods. The education reform 2020 comes with the anticipation of a critical shortage of English instructors (Global English 4 skills + Social Skills). The pledge for the 2030 SDG is “No One is Left Behind”. Accordingly, we plan to expand our operation nationwide. Thanks to summer school activities annually conducted, constant improvement in English instruction and the provision of appropriate curricula since 2012, we feel confident about the achievement of our proposed plan.

3 Long-term goal:

A happy life is when one can continue to learn and grow.

”The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
~Alan Kay, Kyoto Prize in Advanced Technology recipient


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