I learned different types of writing every day, and now I can use them properly for different purposes. Thanks to the teachers who taught me kindly and gave me good advice, I learned many things.


In the public speaking class, we used TED talks. We also learned how to warm up before a presentation. Eric and Jeff observed each student individually and gave each of us good advice. We are so lucky to have had them as our instructors. We had a lot of time to discuss things together, which deepened our understanding.


Through analysing reports and speeches, I learned how to grab people’s attention and how to structure my ideas. Therefore, I will be able to make the most of this knowledge in my future discussions.


I was able to perform dance and theater with a confidence I have never had before. At first, I felt it was challenging not only to speak in English, but also to express myself with gestures. Eventually, through practice, my confidence grew a lot. From now on, I will take advantage of this experience and will express myself in public.


Even for a student like me, who does not have a good command of spoken English at all, the Harvard students’ interesting and innovative teaching method was not only easy to understand but also highly captivating. They were real masters in lecturing and giving presentations, which were absolutely thought-provoking and engaging. I am more than glad to have been part of this class.


I really loved this class. Before the class, we had some fun physical activities. The climax was the final day when we made up our own presentations, and I felt so accomplished.


I am very interested in programming, but it was difficult for me at first. In this seminar, block construction was offered as an exciting hands-on study method. I really enjoyed it, and it will be useful for my programming in the future. With a myriad of programming languages being involved, this method will be a solid foundation for me.


Thanks to the teachers’ advice, I was able to challenge myself to write different types of sentences and ultimately my own essay. During our final presentations, I took part in a debate involving cooperating closely with my teammates to come up with a lot of strategies. In November, I will be joining a debate contest, so this was an extremely valuable experience for me./h5>


It was great that we were able to learn the basics of writing, like how to write introductions and use various writing styles. I would like to make use of what I learned here to improve my writing at high school.


The Harvard students were very kind so we felt comfortable asking them questions. Learning how to write reports and essays in English will be useful to me. What I learned will even help me improve my Japanese writing, so I am very thankful.


Everyone made the scripts together, and we were able to develop our English vocabulary.


We created a high-quality performance on our own. It was fun communicating in English.


SIJ is a wonderful program that helped me learn many things, polish my English and meet some amazing people. Also it was interesting to hear the stories from each Harvard student with different backgrounds. Each day I learned and at the same time had fun. I would rate it 10/10.

– Elementary School Student(SIJ2015)

Learning at SIJ was a good experience for me because at BW4, we got to learn how to debate for the first time, an learned how to write a real science essay. In PS, we learned how to make and use note cards in a presentation. The Harvard students are very active, caring, and always smile. By working with the Harvard students, my mind changed in a good way and made me want to work harder. I wish to come again next year too.

– Elementary School Student(SIJ2015)

I gained confidence talking to people during tasks or just casually, thanks to the “Marketing Yourself” workshop. I also feel like I improved my writing. I have a better idea of how to construct different kinds of texts in English and even French! It was a great experience and I would do it again anytime. 🙂

– Middle School Student(SIJ2014)

The Harvard students were so cheerful that I had a very positive experience in the classes. They taught us that we have to catch the audience in our presentations, not just talk to them. We have to have the audience concentrate on our speech. I could make my speech easy to understand by using PowerPont.

– Seventh Grader (SIJ2014)

I joined SIJ for the first time this year. One week passed so quickly. The Harvard student teachers were so kind and I enjoyed studying English a lot. I heard stories about other countries and what they are studying at Harvard. I want to study at Harvard too. I will work hard at school, study English hard, and enjoy doing a lot of fun things and playing with friends. I hope I can join SIJ again next year.

– Fourth Grader (SIJ 2014)

I wish this seminar could last three months. I came to understand how to write English. I will work hard so that I can talk with James-sensei more next year.

– Elementary School Student (SIJ 2013)

I joined SIJ for the first time. It was a very memorable week. The Harvard students are good teachers. Their English class was very interesting and easy to understand. I made a lot of friends. Such a good chance rarely comes twice, so I won’t forget this experience.

– Seventh Grader (SIJ 2015)

Before SIJ, I was shy and I didn’t speak English very well. After SIJ, I really came to love English and, speak English better and I’m not shy anymore because I learned a lot of important skills in PS class and from my classmates. My classmates and I all helped each other and also the Harvard students were very fun.

– Eighth Grader (SIJ 2015)

SIJ is a wonderful program that helped me learn many things, polish my English and meet some amazing people. Also it was interesting to hear the stories from all theeach Harvard students with their different backgrounds. Each day I learned and at the same time had fun. I would rate it 10/10. 😀

– Sixth Grader (SIJ 2015)

I am so happy to have become able to write a five-paragraph essay in this seminar. I learned how to structure each paragraph in an essay. Writing essays has become less difficult for me. When writing an essay, I learned that we should state a conclusion in the last paragraph. It was difficult for me to change expressions in the last paragraph from those in the previous paragraphs. I learned a lot. I also learned about the importance of using synonyms. 


The classical music concert was so impressive. I was touched beyond words. I studied the violin and piano before, and know how difficult playing a musical instrument is. I wondered how long it took them to produce such wonderful sounds. In particular, Sumire’s violin performance was very moving. I thought it was beautiful and brilliant to see someone working so hard.

– High School Student (SIJ2013)