What only SIJ can do


Enrich participants aged 7-18 with a seven-day intensive study program in the liberal arts style typical to universities in North America and Europe, including inspiring speeches and performances by instructors. In return American college students acquire skills of how to be an excellent leader, and how to be a great supportive member of the team

At SIJ, our 7-day Summer School program boasts dedicated Harvard University students providing hands-on instruction. Each year, we welcome 100 applicants from Harvard and Stanford University, drawn by our exceptional curriculum and established reputation since 2012. Selected through rigorous testing and interviews, these personable Harvard students excel in fields like Computer Science, Speech, Academic Writing, and Performing Arts. With top-tier global talents leading both morning writing classes and afternoon workshops, participants not only enhance their English proficiency but also acquire world-class skills in various domains. Daily presentations by Harvard students offer insights into their real school lives, learning methods, and cultural/sports activities, making them influential role models for aspiring global learners in Japan.




Equip university instructors “Team USA”, chosen from dozens of highly-qualified applicants from Harvard or Stanford, devote their talents to challenge and support the participants, such that even the youngest learn how to compose essays that express their thoughts in English. In return, American college students acquire skills of how to be an excellent leader, and how to be a great supportive member of the team. 


Embody the cooperative nature of the best, most productive working environments seen today, where leadership by Team USA with local university students including oversea students currently studying at universities in Japan “Team Oita” and a flat organizational structure combine to generate invaluable human qualities: true listening, open-mindedness, decisiveness, self-confidence.


Embark on a captivating 4-5 day journey to Japan’s hidden gem, Oita, exclusively curated for Team USA! Dive into the rich tapestry of Japanese culture, savor local delicacies, and explore scenic landscapes. Join us for a unique blend of cultural discovery, forging new friendships and making unforgettable memories. This is your chance to experience the heart of Japan, unwind in picturesque hot springs, and create a lifetime of cherished moments.