What only SIJ can do


Enrich participants aged 7-18 with a seven-day intensive study program in the liberal arts style typical to universities in North America and Europe, including inspiring speeches and performances by instructors as icons of multiculturalism.


Equip university instructors (“Team USA”), chosen from dozens of highly-qualified applicants (Harvard, Stanford, etc.), to devote their talents to challenge and support the participants, such that even the youngest learn how to compose essays that express their thoughts in English.


Embody the cooperative nature of the best, most productive working environments seen today, where leadership by Team USA with local university students (“Team Oita”) and a flat organizational structure combine, to generate invaluable human qualities: true listening, open-mindedness, decisiveness, self-confidence.


Experience the breadth of Japan through four to five days devoted to exposing Team USA and Team Oita to the region, excursions which never fail to satisfy the wanderlust of even the most seasoned travelers.