The Best Summer Ever Starts With SIJ 2016!


On April 10, 2016, over 70 parents, along with their children, attended the seminar where Summer In Japan (SIJ) 2016 was introduced. Our seats were overbooked and our expectations were far exceeded. Over the past three years, SIJ has empowered students aged from 6 to 20 across Japan and overseas with unique opportunity to bring out their potentials, improve their social skills and most importantly, language skills. This is a wonderful opportunity that you cannot miss. Join us with SIJ2016!

SIJ 2016 English Seminar
Place: Oita City, Japan
Date: July 30 – Aug 5

SIJ 2016 4th SIJ Classical Concert by Harvard students members
Place: Oita City, Japan
Date:July 31

And many more fun activities!