SIJ 2016 Kunisaki Cultural Exchange


On August 9th, thanks to Kunisaki mayor Mr. Mikawa and the Board of Education as well as the Tourism Association, students from several middle schools in Kunisaki participated in a cultural exchange event with the Harvard students who made up the teaching staff of SIJ 2016. Harvard students shared stories from their experiences at college and in the wider world. These presentations were followed by a short, interactive lesson in computer science taught by George Lok, who recently graduated with a joint B.S./M.A in Computer Science. Students learned about basic CS concepts and even sorted themselves using a basic algorithm — all without ever turning on a computer! Everyone had a wonderful time learning about each other and appreciating the fact that you don’t even need a computer to learn about what makes computer science so exciting.This event concluded with a mini lesson by SIJ President Mari Hirotsuru to encourage the students to speak out more in English.