Summer in JAPAN 2017 is waiting for you!


Summer in JAPAN is a unique program where you can learn not only English but four different workshops in English: Academic Writing, Performing Arts, Presentation Skills, and Computer Science. Your teachers are excellent Harvard College students selected among over 100 excellent students. Join us here in Japan and you will have a memorable experience together with many friends all over the world!
Date: August 2 (Wed) – August 8 (Tue), 2017
Place: Oita, Japan

l. Academic Writing
The Academic Writing workshop teaches students advanced techniques to improve writing in a variety of forms especially American style college application essays. Students will also work in groups to prepare for a debate that will be held at the final presentation.

ll. Presentation Skills
The Presentation Skill Workshop focuses on the mechanisms of an effective presentation. Boosting each student’s confidence in their public speaking skills is one of the most important aspects. That can be achieved through various interactive exercises, not just pure presentation skills. We aim to empower students to constructively evaluate their own speeches and that of their peers, formulate original and well-articulated ideas, and engage with the audience to deliver a powerful and memorable speech.

lll. Performing Arts
The Performing Arts workshop at SIJ aims to use drama as a means of fostering students’ skills of creativity, spontaneity, and collaboration, all of which are extremely difficult to achieve simultaneously in conventional educational institutions. Students participate in a series of games and exercises that work to enhance their confidence in front of an audience, their understanding of the elements of story, their ability to improvise and to perform convincingly as a fictional character. By the end of the workshop, the students will work together to write and direct an original short play, which they will perform during the final presentation.

lV. Computer Science
The Computer Science workshop focuses on teaching students the basic fundamentals of programming and problem solving. Students will experience the Snap! language, a powerful blocks- and browser-based programming language that can be used to create animations, games, and tools. They will have a basic foundation to learn more advanced computer science topics in seven days.