Aug 6 – SIJ 2018 The 6th Classic Concert – Sumire and her Harvard friends


On August 6, a few members of Team USA, Sumire, Audrey, Julia, and Elizabeth, along with Junko and Eiko, performed in the Classical Concert. The talented members put on an amazing show for SIJ attendees and other audience members! The concert wrapped up with an encore of Team USA singing and dancing to “We’re All In This Together!”
Elizabeth – She reminds us that English is not just a tool for communication but beautiful art of the language full of history and aesthetic charm!!!
Audrey – With her magical talent and skills, she turned the hall into heavenly serene space, and everyone believes the cello must be a strad!
Julia – She successfully offered the audience both the beauty of European classic and American pop culture!!
Sumire – She loves collaborating with musicians all around the world, making friends each other as a musician and a person wherever she goes. Music is such a universal tool for human bond.
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