Let’s take a look at SIJ classroom~~~No.1


SIJ 2018 Day 4

Everyone is enjoying their seminar classes with their active and inspiring instructors. Let’s go around and see what participants have learned.
Instructors: Sam Hagen, Sophie Sun

Camera: Roy -Language Arts 4-

“The harvard students teach me how to read a book from a different points of views by showing me theirs.”——Koyu


“I am able to take a class at my level and understand what they speak well. The class is definitely very rewarding because they give me challenging assignments.”——Koki


“Every class is a different experience and being taught in different styles, we get to learn different ways of thinking. To add to that, the instructors were friendly and kind to me as well.”——Kota


“Attending SIJ classes, I feel like I am being able to express my opinions as well as learn the other opinions from students across the world and across Japan, so I can get the ideas of how the others think and they can know how I think” ——-Megu



“The teachers in SIJ are amazing, we’ve got to learn about their lifestyles, school and learn about what we should do in the future. This really helps me to improve my understanding of not only English but also a lot of other things” ——- Sayaka