Let’s take a look at SIJ classroom~~~No.2


SIJ 2018 Day 5

Today, let’s go visiting class Language Arts 1, focusing on basic writing and reading, and Public Speaking class.

Instructors: *Language Arts – Julia, Grace, Bilal / TA – Thevu, Nano

Camera: Roy

-Language Arts 1-

“I think this class helps me to easily understand English and it is fun. Everybody is really kind and they answer my questions several times”——–Ruruna


“This class is very interesting. The instructors are really kind and it is easy to understand their lessons. It’s a very fun class”——-Riichi


“This class is really fun. It’s a little difficult for me but it’s fun. I really love my instructors, They are so kind”——–Sakurako


“I really like playing charades and the other game we played today and Simon says because it helps me remember in a fun way”——-Hannah


“I enjoy when we play in teams as team charisma and team spiderman. I like spending time with my classmates. I think my insructors are very kind and funny and I’m having a lot of fun”——Yurin