Let’s take a look at SIJ classroom~~~No.4


SIJ 2018 Day 6

Everybody in Computer Science class now seems to be very enjoyed studying new knowledge about Programming and love their instructors’ teaching method. Let’s see how they are thinking about that~~!
*Instructors: Bilal, Sophie, Tony / TA: Joy
Camera: Roy
“I think CS is good and suitable for me. The teachers’ explanation is so simple that I can understand easily and the class level is just right for me. There are things that I couldn’t learn from school but I am taught here such as Binary.” ——-Alice
“First, I could make a lot of friends here. Also, I thought Programming is something really difficult but they way how the teachers are teaching us is very easy to understand. I get a chance to learn about how to write codes” ——-Soichiro
“I got to know this program through Internet and got interested in Computer Science class taught by Harvard instructors. Actually I study programming at home too and I can learn more as well as question more over here. The teachers are really friendly and willing to teach me individually in the class whenever I have problems.”——-Koyu
“I’ve learnt computer science and get to know coding. The class is a bit more difficult than I thought but I really like it here because I can meet more new friends and I love to study from my instructors” ——–Leo