Let’s take a look at SIJ classroom~~~No.5


SIJ 2018 Day 7

-Language Arts 2: Kanon, Ben, Audrey / TA: Momoka

Camera: Roy

“Making sentences by myself is really fun. Learning how to write an essay with a beginning, middle and end although I had learnt it before I can learn how important it is to have it in my essay. I am able to learn a lot from my mistakes”——-Yuka

“I like my LA2 class. It’s not too difficult and it’s also not too easy, it’s perfect, it’s so good. I really like Ben and Kanon and Audrey”——-Masaaki

“It’s very interesting and difficult but my teachers help me to understand. The teachers are very kind and funny”——-Rin

“I really love playing “hangman” and the teachers are very kind and funny. They speak really slowly so I can understand what they say”——Sakura

“I like that the teachers are easy to understand. I really like this class”——-Titan