SIJ 2018 officially ended!


Hi everyone,

SIJ2018 is officially over now!! Many thanks to 95 students and parents from 10 countries, 12 members of Team USA (11 Harvard College, 1 Bucknell University) and Team Oita(4 Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, 5 Oita University faculty of Medicine) from 6 countries, supervisor Patrick, and last but not least, SIJ Office manager Aiko.

So many people have contributed to this year’s SIJ, Mr. Sato Oita City Mayor, Mr. Mikawa Kunisaki City Mayor, Mr. Shimoji our guest speaker from PwC, pianist Eiko Nagano, Violist Junko Imamura, Calligrapher Yoko Aizawa, Flower Arrangement Artist Chiemi Uno Kimono Dresser Mrs. Nakata and Mrs. Hamada, Fujiya Gallery Owner Ms. Yasunami, Physical Trainer “Justin” Wataru Souda, Oita Prefectural Assembly member Mr. Kizuki, Kunisaki Board of education Head Mr. Kato and its member Mr. Kanabayashi, our sponsors Sachiko Hayashida and Sanwa Supply, Norio Murakami for amazing Scholarship, Office manager Aiko and our supervisor Patrick and last but not least, all SIJ board members.
See you again at SIJ 2019! Can’t wait until next summer’s heat and excitement!!

SIJ Founder/President/CEO Mari Hirotsuru