July 26 – Japanese lesson


Yesterday July 26th, team USA instructors challenged themselves with 2-hour Japanese lesson. They were learning practical topics such as greetings, numbers and Japanese foods in Japanese!! Now they look confident heading to restaurants grasping their meals.

Let’s hear what they think about the Japanese lesson:

“Japanese lessons were really fun and a great way to get started as a group in Japan. The class was very accessible and taught us some useful vocab to help us explore Oita in the first few days of SIJ.” – Nicky (Harvard 19’)

“The Japanese lesson was really useful and fun. The collaborative work was a great way to get to know the team better, and I feel slightly more comfortable with ordering in Japanese!” – Selena (Harvard 20’)

“Learning Japanese was very helpful! Saying phrases out loud in class peers was a great way to turn theory into practice and it definitely made me better at ordering in stores.” – Michele (Harvard 19’)