SIJ for Family – July 27th


SIJ for Family – July 27th

For the SIJ family activity we divided the kids into two groups and we read some books to them. After we read the books, we did some activities based on what they had read.

“My group read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so we did an activity based on that. It was really nice to meet the kids and their parents! It was clear that they were all very enthusiastic to learn English! One of my favorite parts about the day was when the kids wrote about themselves and I was able to learn more the about the kids and where they came from.”
– Siqi Liu (Harvard ’19)

“SIJ for family was so engaging, a great way to start off the program. I loved interacting with all the kids and seeing them all become friends with each other as they learned together. Everyone was a little nervous at the start, but by the end it seemed that no one was ready to leave!”
– Samantha Koire (Stanford ’19)