SIJ 2019 Open Ceremony – July 29th


These photos taken on July 29th show the opening ceremony of SIJ2019, the 7th 7-day summer school in Oita City, Japan. It is the biggest event of SIJ2019 (July 25-Aug 9).

6 people delivered a wonderful speech:

Kiichiro Sato, Oita City Mayor,
Kohei Takatsuka from BCG who is to attend HBS this September,
Mari Hirotsuru, SIJ President & CEO,
Norio Murakami, SIJ Board member, ex Google Japan CEO (read by Patrick Johnston from APU)
Miranda Sadler, Harvard’19 from UK, and
Maho Nakano, SIJ participant from Kyoto.

All the participants, their parents and guests gave a big hand when 12 Team USA members presented a great dance!

With the support of Team Oita(Oita University and APU), Team USA instructors teach CS, performing arts, public speaking, essay writing as well as language arts of English for seven days.