Some highlights about Computer Science Class


Some highlights about Computer Science Class


Let’s take a look at what Robert, Janet and Nicholas – tutors of Computer Science, taught in the class and how their students can apply the theory to their own projects:

“Students in the Computer Science workshop at SIJ 2019 learned both theoretical and technical computer science skills. Each day, we began class with a lecture on the latest trends in computer science, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.

We then taught the theory needed to understand how to approach problems like a computer scientist, such as the importance of pseudocode, control structures, and functions. Lastly, all students learned the Scratch programming language, and those students with previous experience in computer science additionally learned about the Python programming language.

We hope that the students who took this workshop can use the knowledge that they learned to build projects and programs of their own and that they will be inspired to continue studying computer science!”