Harvard students are instructors at summer school SIJ2021, Recruiting Students!


Hello, I’m Mari Hirotsuru

Sorry I made you wait, Summer in JAPAN (SIJ), a summer school where Harvard students are instructors, and it is celebrating its 9th year.

SIJ2021 will continue to carry out all programs online last year.
(From August 1st to August 7th, 2021)  

For application and details, please visit the application guidelines page.

7-day Online Intensive English class
All classes are in English, and Harvard University students, who are instructors, teach live streaming mainly from the United States.

The first half is English writing and reading comprehension by level, The second half is English speech, computer programming in English, Original English drama. 
Workshops divided into specialized fields. 

ThIs is the 9th year Summer in JAPAN (SIJ) will be held online like last year and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

This year, the number of people is limited, a limited number of people, and the period is 7 days lasting from August 1st to 7th, 2021.
Apply Now !!!

In addition to the  students, there is also a live stream of a classical concert by Sumire Hirotsuru and her friends.
Last summer, the piano, vocal music and violin were very popular ! 

Waiting for the day when I can meet you in person, do everything you can now,
SIJ2021 is online, all programs in English. 
Let’s have fun!

Apply and details from the official website

Mari Hirotsuru.
Dirigo English Class Representative
Representative Director of Dirigo Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and CEO of Summer in JAPAN