Harvard students hold SIJ 2021 online instructors (August 1st to August 7th) Recruiting students


The four factors that make a person happy are:

① Self-Actualization of “Let’s try”
② “Thank you  (altruistic behavior)
③ Optimism 
④ The way it is 

Takashi Maeno
Keio University Graduate School Professor

Happiness will increase with a life that incorporates the four in a well-balanced manner!

How are you ?
Are you happy now?

In addition, everything that lives on earth should be healthy, free and have a real sense of happiness.                                                                   

Therefore, the United Nations has decided on sustainable development and poverty eradication by establishing SDGs (sustainable development goals) that will solve problems common to all humankind by 2030.

At my summer school Summer in JAPAN (SIJ) 
UN SDGs Target 4.7 Global Citizenship and International Mutual Understanding                                              

SIJ has been carried out for 9 years with Harvard students, We aim to understand diversity with young people from 25 countries to the Japanese city of Oita in the hope of improving your English and programming skills,   


In 2020 and 2021,because of Corona, the program will be held online.
We provide quality educational opportunities in any situation!
Become a person who can live anywhere in the world!
Get ready to make a big difference in the borderless world with us now!

We are looking for students from 7 to 18 years old.
For more information, please visit this official website:

This year’s SIJ is limited to a small number of people,

Mari Hirotsuru and Sumire Hirotsuru
We will help you in your bright future.

Relax and have fun!

Mari Hirotsuru