Outreach Program – Summer Workshop for Immersive Multiculturalism (SWIM)


August 8, 2022 14:00 -16:00 in Oita, Japan

Summer in JAPAN to host the 10th anniversary summer school in Oita this summer, and collaborate with Oita City to teach giving speeches in English! 4th year SWIM

SIJ2022 Harvard College students and graduate will join SWIM, an educational event co-hosted with Oita City to improve the writing & presentation skills of elementary and middle school students in Oita City.

For example, last year students learned “5 factors of a good speech” from SIJ2021 Harvard instructors Hook, Outline, Content, Voice, and Conclusion. Later, students got a chance to use them to make their own speech as well.

Every summer, we are impressed that many students do a great job and make sure our one-day lesson will help their learning in the future!