Aquarium Adventures, Monkey Mountain Marvels, and A Relaxing Afternoon at Hyotan Onsen


“Today we had a blast visiting Umitamago aquarium where we saw spectacular dolphin and walrus shows and so many other sea creatures, including manta rays, jellyfish, and countless types of fish. Seeing the ocean’s wonders was truly mesmerizing. After the aquarium, we went to Takasakiyama Monkey Park, home to around 1500 monkeys. We got to see adorable baby monkeys and monkey families, as well as the queen monkey herself. Some of us even had monkeys run between our legs, which is said to bring good luck.

We also spent some time at Hyotan Onsen, a display of Japanese hot spring culture at its finest (it has three Michelin stars!). We enjoyed delicious onsen steamed food for lunch including a platter of seafood, meat, egg, and several vegetables. Afterward, we experienced a sand bath and relaxed in the many types of onsens there, including an outdoor waterfall, carved rock, and cypress baths!”