An article about Hirotsuru Sumire was published in the official web magazine of the Government of Japan


KIZUNA, an online magazine published by the Government of Japan, has featured an extensive and detailed article regarding the inspirational story of HIROTSURU Sumire’s studies, work, and beliefs. Sumire is a multi-talented musician serving as a member of the Council for the Creation of Future Education, established by the Government of Japan. 

Summer in JAPAN (SIJ) is an organization that Sumire co-founded in 2012. We had to overcome COVID-19 and resume face-to-face seminars after 2 years of online meetings. Nonetheless, we are honored to have been acknowledged by the Government of Japan for our contribution to emboldening international connections and encouraging better education for children all around Japan. In Sumire’s words, “You will never know if you are going to be continuing (what you started) for such a long time or not, but if you continue doing one thing, you will build confidence, experiences, and trust from others.”