Outreach Program – Summer Workshop for Immersive Multiculturalism (SWIM)


Join for free! (Exclusively for elementary and junior high school students in Oita City)

SWIM: Summer Workshop for Immersive Multiculturalism
~ English Workshop with Sumire Hirotsuru, Harvard University Graduate

Sumire Hirotsuru, who went to Harvard University in the U.S. from a high school in Oita, will teach you “practical English”. 

We welcome everyone from elementary school students with zero English experience to middle school students who want to polish their English skills!

  1. English Composition Lesson
    When: Saturday, July 15, 2023
    Where: J:COM HorutoHall Oita 3F Conference Room 302, 303
    Lecturer: Ms. Mari Hirotsuru (Founder, president, and CEO of Summer in JAPAN, organizer of Dirigo English School)
  2. English Workshop with Ms. Sumire Hirotsuru
    When: Sunday, August 6, 2023
    Where: J:COM HorutoHall Oita 3F Conference Rooms 302 and 303
    Lecturer: Ms. Sumire Hirotsuru (Violinist, Oita City Commissioner of Education)

This is a two-day event. Please attend both days.

Eligibility: 3rd grade elementary school students to 3rd grade junior high school students (3rd to 9th grade of compulsory education school) in Oita City

Number of applicants: 64 people in total (in case of too many applicants, participants will be selected by lottery)

Beginner level course
Intermediate level course

Organized by: Oita City
Co-organized by: Summer in JAPAN

For more details, application, and inquiries, please visit the Oita City website.