Free English Composition Lesson SIJ in Oita on July 15th


On July 15, Summer in JAPAN (SIJ) successfully held SIJ 2032’s Pre-Seminar session at Oita City.

This popular event received an overwhelming number of applications and around 80 students were selected to participate. The seminar was supervised by SIJ founder Mari Hirotsuru who underwent exercises ranging from different levels of English reading, writing, and speaking skills together with APU and Oita University medical student staff members.

“Now that anyone can quickly create English speeches and compositions with AI, the important thing is to become a person who can express his or her own opinion and to become a person who is loved and contributes to society. Today’s English lesson is an exercise for that.”
(From Ms.Hirotsuru’s opening speech)

The students from Oita City will be presenting their English writings on August 6, with Sumire Hirotsuru’s English speech lesson.