🌟 Successfully Concluded: SIJ 2023 English Summer Camp in Oita City! 🌟


In just 2 days and 3.5 hours, even children with no prior English experience achieved remarkable feats – crafting fantastic English essays and delivering impressive speeches! The final presentations were a testament to their confidence and poise. Bravo!

Let this be a stepping stone for them to spread their wings in the world of English. Until we meet again next year!

Date: August 6th, 2023 (Sunday) 13:00-15:00,

Reception: 12:30~ Venue: J:COM HorutoHall Oita, 3rd Floor,

Rooms 302 and 303

Participants: Selected elementary and junior high school students from Oita City (by lottery)

Content: Crafting English essays and speeches from scratch

  • Essay guidance (from self-introductions for beginners to various styles for intermediate learners)
  • Speech coaching (hook/content/ethos pathos logos/voice/conclusion)
  • Building confidence, adopting a proactive presenting attitude, and wearing a smile
  • Sumire Hirotsuru’s presentation titled “Let’s Spread Our Wings To The World” followed by Q&A

Instructors: Sumire Hirotsuru, Mari Hirotsuru, university students learning in Japan from various countries, and more

Organizers: Oita City International City Exchange and Friendship Conference / Oita City (Secretariat: Oita City International Division)

Co-organized by: General Incorporated Association Summer in JAPAN


Produced by Summer in JAPAN

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