The deadline for participating students is approaching


The deadline for participating students is approaching.

When it comes to summer, it’s Summer in JAPAN, the Summer School Sumire Hirotsuru and Mari Hirotsuru started in Oita City in 2012.

With SIJ:

Classes are all in English, but rather than “learning English,” we help students improve their strengths in English.
Lecturers are Harvard students and alumni.
Without going to the US, we create the Harvard University campus experience in Japan.
Since the Hirotsuru family has been running it for free for 12 years, we have achieved a high level at a low price.
As directors, there is also Mr. Kenro Murakami, former president of Google Japan (his daughter is a Harvard graduate)!

Additionally, this time, Ben, an American College Admission Advisor, is coming to Japan! (Harvard graduate)

“I want to go to a prestigious American university”
“I want to my children to challenge themselves!”
Special seminars for such families will be held for enrolled students only ✨

A memorable summer for you!

“I was able to study abroad!” “It’s a life changing experience!” “I see the value of things differently now!” Every year, we receive happy messages from students!

For more information on SIJ:
Mari’s latest book about Harvard entrance exam preparation that can be done at home