Summer in JAPAN 2017 is now open for application. Why not take this opportunity to participate in a 7-day challenging and exhilarating English-concentrated seminar? The seminar will be instructed by the Harvard students who will be responsible for different majored classes. Students from 7-20 years old are eligible (should be above STEP 3rd grade test). Application will be available from January 9th 2017. We are looking forward to your participation.
Seminar date and time: August 2nd 2017 (Wed) – August 8th 2017 (Tue) (7 days)

Location: Oita city

Applicants Qualification:
1. Students age 7 to 20, passing STEP 3rd grade test and above
2. University students who desire to study intensive writing and presentation skills
Morning course: Different levels of English courses
Afternoon course: 4 workshops
1. Presentation Skill
2. Academic Writing
3. Performing Arts
4. Computer Science

During the seminar, you will also be able to attend the Classical concert of Harvard students (entry fee required) and special presentations by Harvard students (no fee required)
Application fee: 128,000円
Early applicants will have the chance to receive special gifts from us (by January 22nd). Also, since seats are limited so join us as soon as possible!

Details about accommodation for students outside Oita will be announced later.

Summer in JAPAN