SIJ’s annual two-day English seminar, SWIM! Vol. 1


SIJ’s annual two-day English seminar!
Part 1: Oita City “SWIM: Summer Workshop for Immersive Multiculturalism”

Finally, summer is finally in full swing,
Summer in JAPAN, a summer school program taught by Harvard students since 2012, will kick off in July.
For the 2023 academic year, two events will be held.

Sumire Hirotsu, a violinist, a TV commentator, and co-founder of SIJ, will take the stage to deliver an English lecture to elementary and junior high school students in Oita City.

Additionally, SIJ President Mari Hirotsuru will present the magical English Composition Lesson: “Master English Composition and Speech in Just 75 Minutes,” which you won’t want to miss!

English Composition Lesson
 When: Saturday, July 15, 2023
 Where: J:COM HorutoHall Oita 3F Conference Room 302, 303
 Lecturer: Ms. Mari Hirotsuru (Founder, president and CEO of Summer in JAPAN, organizer of Dirigo English School)

English Workshop with Ms. Sumire Hirotsuru
 When: Sunday, August 6, 2023
 Where: J:COM HorutoHall Oita 3F Conference Rooms 302 and 303
 Lecturer: Ms. Sumire Hirotsuru (Violinist, Oita City Commissioner of Education)

We all look forward to seeing you!