Summer in JAPAN 2014 Summary

English Writing Seminar

Basic Writing
Four Workshops
Final Presentation

Touch and Feel Japan

Japanese Cultural Workshops (Tea Ceremony, Flower Arrangement, Japanese Class)
Cultural Experiences (Japanese Cuisine, Hot Springs, Temples and Shrines, and Sightseeing)


Guest lecture by Norio Murakami – How to Survive Global Era
 -コンConcert Program

Movie: Summer in JAPAN 2014

SIJ teachers (2014)

11 people Harvard University


English Writing Seminar 8/1(Fri)~8/7(Thu)(木)

I performed scientific experiments in English using various things like the air, erasers, and other things. It was difficult for me to understand the teachers’ English. But the Harvard students helped me in an easy-to-follow manner. Not only did I learn English but also I was able to learn in English.
– Seventh Grader

The Harvard students were so cheerful that I had a very positive experience in the classes. They taught us that we have to catch the audience in our presentations, not just talk to them. We have to have the audience concentrate on our speech. I could make my speech easy to understand by using PowerPoint.
– Seventh Grader

This time, I chose to join the Academic Writing class because I wanted to strengthen my essay writing skills. I had to make full use of my brain and ingenuity to thinkof many different expressions to make many people want to read my writing. But, I ultimately was able to get through writing my essay “I Can’t Live My Usual Life Without Books” using many great suggestions from my kind peers and the Harvard University students. This essay gave me a big sense of achievement. Also, writing our essays and going to karaoke together strengthened our ties. I must not forget those seven days and the important friends I made in the AW class.(原文)

I was inspired by the other group members’ English language skills, aggressiveness, and bright and fluid thinking. A decisive difference between the other members and I was vocabulary. I will try to learn more words. I also learned that level-headed self-analysis is the key to making other people open to me, so I would like to understand myself more deeply
– High School Freshman

Learning at SIJ was a good experience for me because at BW4, we got to learn how to debate for the first time, and actually learned how to write a science essay. In PS, we learned how to make and use an note card in a presentation. Harvard students are very active, caring, and always smile. By working with the Harvard students, my mind changed in a good way and think to work harder. I wish to come again next year too.
– Elementary School Student

Touch and Feel Japan 8月8日(金)~8月12日(火)