Summer in JAPAN 2015 Summary

English Writing Seminar

Basic Writing
Four Workshops
Final Presentation

Touch and Feel Japan

Japanese Cultural Workshops (Tea Ceremony, Flower Arrangement, Japanese Class)
Cultural Experiences (Japanese Cuisine, Hot Springs, Temples and Shrines, and Sightseeing)


“Study in the USA” in collaboration with American Consulate in Fukuoka
Sumire Hirotsuru and her Harvard Friends ~SIJ2015 Classical Concert
 -コンConcert Program
“Medical Forum” in collaboration with Aso Iizuka Hospital

Movie: Summer in JAPAN 2015

SIJ teachers (2015)

8 people Harvard University


Student Volunteer Staff:Moriaki, Liu, Sakurako, Shimpei, Thai, Tomoe, Yusuke M., Kimiaki, Mamoru, Yusuke S.

English Writing Seminar 7/30(Thu)~8/5(Wed)

I appreciate that I joined the most fruitful and productive week that shook my concept of English to its foundation. In BW4 class, Harvard students taught how to write critical essay, narrative story and scientific report in English, which consequently improved my ability to communicate in English as well. Advice from staff members and friends I made during seminar also helped polishing up my English comprehension. The seminar was a good opportunity to think about my college life and possibly a study abroad in the future. I will make use of this time’s experience and keep studying for my future.
– College Freshman

It was the very first time to learn the essence of good presentation. In PS class, I learned how to deliver a good presentation through learning the presentation skills such as gestures, posture, volume and some more. After one week, I was able to apply those skills to my presentation. I am sure that these skills and the experience I had will do good in my future career as a doctor.

– College Freshman

At my third time SIJ, I liked the workshop with Team Lab members the best. We students asked many good questions to them and from their answers we learned a lot of things. How we wish we’d have more opportunities to hear from business people who contribute to society. This may be my last SIJ as a student but hope to join again as a staff member next time!

-High School Student

At my first SIJ, not only did I learn English but also many more things, for example, to speak out my own opinion. I learned that there is not always one right answer and you don’t always have to reach an agreement. This is quite contrary to the class in Japan where students are always passive. I was nervous at first but gradually I got used to express myself and had a great time. I felt like I was studying abroad, speaking English with Harvard students as well as with other participating Japanese students I made friends with at SIJ. I’d love to join next year too.

-Junior High School Student

The next was our play titled “POD.” I was a Queen in a red dress. When I stood on the stage, I saw everyone’s faces and felt quite nervous. The lines came out as I practiced. Scene 5 went smoother than we practiced and I really enjoyed acting. I feel grateful to my teachers. I want to join again next year.

-Junior High School Student

Touch and Feel Japan 8月8日(金)~8月12日(火)