Summer in JAPAN 2016 Summary

English Writing Seminar

Basic Writing
Four Workshops
Final Presentation

Touch and Feel Japan

Japanese Cultural Workshops (Tea Ceremony, Japanese sweets workshop)
Cultural Experiences (Japanese Cuisine, Hot Springs, Temples and Shrines, Art island, Sword museum, and Sightseeing)


English Presentation and Writing Course for Adult Learners
SIJ2017 Classical Concert, Sumire Hirotsuru and her Harvard Friends
The Harvard Approach Seminar for teachers and parents
Cultural Exchange
Kunisaki × Harvard

Summer in JAPAN 2016

SIJ teachers (2016)

9 people Harvard University


Student Volunteer Staff

Kimiaki Anai   Oita University School of Medicine

Moriaki Satoh  Oita University School of Medicine

Masaru Yabusaki   Oita University School of Medicine

Naomichi Yamaguchi   Oita University School of Medicine

Saho Nojima   Oita University School of Medicine

Sakurako Abe   Oita University School of Medicine

Shimpei Yano   Oita University School of Medicine

 Khang Minh Truong  Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Linh Thuy Nguyen  Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Phuc Vinh Nguyen  Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Tairi Goto  ISAK

Members of the Oita University School of Medicine Espressivo


Intesive English Seminar July 30 – August 5

I learned different types of writing everyday, and now I can use them properly for different purposes. Thanks to the teachers who taught me kindly and gave me good advice, I learned many things.

Even for a student like me, who does not have a good command of spoken English at all, the Harvard students interesting and innovative teaching method was not only easy to understand bun also highly captivating. They were real masters in lecturing and giving presentations, which were absolutely thought-provoking and engaging. I am more than glad to have been part of this class.

Thanks to the teacher’s’ advice, I was able to challenge myself to write different types of sentences and ultimately my own essay. During our final presentations, I took part in a debate involving cooperation closely with my teammates to come up with a lot of strategies.

Everyone made the scripts together and we were able to develop our English vocabulary.

In this seminar, block construction was offered as an exciting hands-on study method. I really enjoyed it, and it will be useful for my programming in the future. With a myriad of programming languages being involved, this method will be a solid foundation for me.

Touch and Feel Japan, August 6 – 10