Forster global Human Resources for the future.

SIJ aims to provide an innovative curriculum for a young generation with an increasingly global future. To this end, Japanese students meet American youth from top tier universities and are provided a constructive forum to learn and exchange ideas in English. The program received the Fifth Career Education award from the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan (METI).


Provide students with diverse perspectives.

University students from the United States and across Asia, along with younger Japanese students convene in Oita, exchange ideas, share their cultures, and grow personally and intellectually together. Not only do we teach English, but we also encourage our participants to explore one another’s cultures, while providing specific opportunities to learn and understand Japanese language, culture, and history.


Contribute to the local community.

Unlike Tokyo, each local community has its own characteristics. SIJ seeks to blend these unique characteristics into our mission through outreach to junior high schools in these local communities; to share with them a chance to seize upon aspirations for an expanded global perspective. Additionally, we have engaged in local outreach to area healthcare providers to discuss healthcare reform, as well as held a Study in the USA seminar, in coordination with the US Consulate in Fukuoka, to provide information on study abroad opportunities.